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Stanford Faculty Senate opens funding opportunity for MD postdoctoral fellows


The difficulty of obtaining funding to support one's research is an issue faced by academic scientists at every level. Coming from a research background myself, I am familiar with the struggle and was pleased to hear that Stanford's Faculty Senate recently approved a new funding opportunity for clinical fellows and MD postdocs. According to an article in the Stanford Report:

Under the trial plan, up to 10 postdoctoral MD fellows a year will be able to submit grant applications - one time only - as principal investigators on projects.

Harry Greenberg, MD, senior associate dean for research at the School of Medicine, explained the experimental nature of the plan in a quote:

What you have before you is a very limited proposal to evaluate whether we can provide certain exceptional postdoctoral MD fellows with the opportunity to get an R01 grant [Research Project Grant from the National Institutes of Health] that will help them in getting their first faculty position.

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