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New science-blog network Occam’s Typewriter launches

A new science-blog network sprouted up this month: Called Occam's Typewriter, it features nine different blogs - and several are written by former Nature Network bloggers including Stephen Curry, Cath Ennis, Erika Cule and Jennifer Rohn.

In explaining their motivation for creating the collective and describing its content, the founding members wrote:

Occam's Typewriter is a community project to bring together current and erstwhile scientists who like to write. We have all been blogging at various places over the years, independently and on networks. But we felt that the time was right to create an independent network, so we could all have editorial freedom yet also have the benefits of a community of bloggers.

We all have different styles, and we all like to write about non-sciencey things, as well as the scientific life. Some like to write about papers and research; others would rather take a more anthropocentric view.

It will be interesting to see how this new collective contributes to the growing conversation about scientific research.

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