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Grand Roundup: Top posts for the week of Jan. 10

The five most-read posts on Scope this week were:

New approach to screening prospective medical students: This year, the School of Medicine has dramatically altered its medical student interview process: Instead of an interview with a faculty member, the school has instituted a new process called the "Multi-Mini Interview."

MedCrunch: A new blog for doctors: The health and medical blog ranks expanded again recently with the launch of MedCrunch, which focuses on covering new trends and the challenges of being a physician in today's ever-changing world.

Athene Donald: Do scientists believe in luck?: Physicist Athene Donald, PhD, ponders the role of luck in an academic career.

Thanks, mom: A biologist's Mother's Day song: A video of Stanford biology student Adam Cole performing an original song thanking his mother for her genetic contributions.

Image of the Week: The distance a sneeze travels: This 2009 Centers For Disease Control photo shows the plume of salivary droplets expelled during one man's sneeze and illustrates the reason why experts advise to cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow rather than your hands.

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