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A Gaga-ish take on graduate student life

I don't know anything about the group that made this video parody of graduate student life, but I love it. Any current or former graduate student will appreciate this, as well as almost anyone who has ever spent time working in a lab.

A former lab mate of mine sent this along to a group of us who spent much of the '90s working together as graduate students and post-docs in a laboratory in Stanford's pathology department. And while I wouldn't trade that time, and the friends I made then, for anything, this really resonated with me. I thought you might want to end your day with a laugh as well.

(And here's a tip for the as-yet-unknown, frustrated graduate student in the video. At 4:33? That alternative career she's looking for? Should have been science writer.)

Video courtesy of Zheng Lab Productions.

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