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The indefatigable Jack LaLanne

Almost three years ago, I did an interview (there's an audio clip, too) with fitness guru Jack LaLanne for an issue of Stanford Medicine magazine on longevity. I found him to be indefatigable, and I thought then perhaps he really would never die. I was sorry to hear that over the weekend, he did pass on. Hard to imagine that he was opening his first gym in Oakland, Calif., during the era of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I asked him if he was the godfather of the fitness movement. He'd have none of that, as he was totally unassuming. But, Jack LaLanne truly was America’s first and foremost gym rat and he spawned a revolution in fitness. I also found him to be kind, considerate, funny and completely down to earth. Watch out all of you in the heavens, Jack’s on his way. I’m sure he’s already got a plan to keep the spirits trim, slim and sugar-free.

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