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Jane Fonda: Using new media to deliver fitness message

I'm a big Jane Fonda fan and, though I was quite young when she released her first exercise video, I'm a big fan of her work-outs too. (Do you know how hard it is to find those things on DVD?) I was happy, then, to hear that she's cranking out the videos again (her newest ones are geared towards seniors) and that she's embracing the use of new media to spread her fitness message. From Booster Shots:

In a recent interview, Fonda discussed how she plans to combine her relatively newfound love of blogging (on and social media with her longtime commitment to fitness.

“Older women are the fastest-growing demographic for apps, for iPads - I was told that yesterday by someone I’m going to start working with on a much greater digital [project],” she says. Fonda couldn’t say what, exactly, the mysterious project was, but she alluded to imminent plans that are “major major major major - it would be apps, it would be related to health and fitness,” she says.

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