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Can stress increase risk of neurodegenerative diseases?


An article in Scientific American examines how stress may factor into the complex equation that determines whether someone develops a neurodegenerative condition. Article author Brian Mossop, PhD, writes:

Doctors and physicians are learning that stress is more than an emotional problem, deeper than a fleeting mental encumbrance. Our brains constantly rewire themselves throughout our lives, and are strongly driven by experiences, both positive and negative. And it seems that in certain situations, stress is an antagonist that can indeed leave an indelible mark on our brains.

But in stark contrast to the doom-and-gloom we’re accustomed to hearing about Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's-disheartening research results, or news clips of drug trials where the latest molecular kryptonite has yet again failed-these reports highlight an environmental component of neurodegenerative disease that can, for once, be controlled.

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