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Male baldness – Finally, a cure?!

bald head.jpg

Is it true? Could it be possible? The elixir I've been waiting the last decade for is just around the bend? Well, it felt that way when I first read the headline, Baldness Cure a Step Closer/Scientists Regrow Hair In Mice. But as it turns out, like some great research promises, there's a hitch: The cure might just be for baldness related to stress.

Hmm. Here I was picturing new locks flowing from my scalp. I was thinking maybe just for the heck of it, if I could have hair again, I would grow it shoulder length to celebrate. Maybe I'd even have a ponytail just to wallow in my hair. Jeez - hair again! Next I can regain my youth!

But back to reality. Oh well, those lucky mice. I hope they choose their hairstyles wisely!

Photo by Phil W Shirley

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