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Why an emergency room physician keeps his blog

I was happy to learn recently that StorytellERdoc, the blog of an emergency department physician, was awarded the title of "best literary blog" in the 2010 Medgadget Medical Weblog Awards. It is well deserved. To thank Medgadget and to give new readers a sense of his blog's ethos, the author compiled a list of his favorite posts (which is worth exploring). Among them, I found this nice post explaining some of the reasons why he writes:

. . .what I am most proud of, are my stories of the ordinary. Sometimes, these remarkable stories sit among the muck of normalcy and boredom and, when I finally dig them out, make me want to jump up and down and share them with the world. An example? A Love Story. When I saw that son helping his father down our ER hallway to the bathroom, I wanted everyone to stop what they were doing in our ER and look at what I was witnessing. Instead, at the time, I only shared it with Weezie, one of my favorite secretaries, before writing the words to give this scenario a life.

Here's to many more years of making ordinary stories extraordinary.

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