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The #hipsterscience hash tag is so cool you probably haven’t heard of it yet

There's a great hashtag that's cropped up on Twitter: #hipsterscience. It's a comedic goldmine at the expense of one of the web's favorite marks: hipsters. Here are a few of my favorites:

@STARBUCKLY I only isolate plasmid DNA using locally handmade buffers & a holistic alkaline lysis approach, kits R 4 corporate sellouts #hipsterscience

@drdedalus: #hipsterscience All my references come from underground, unpublished data, before the field got too big.

@hipstersci: We totally found the Higgs boson over in Williamsburg, just keeping it a secret so it doesn't get all gentrified #hipsterscience

And just so you're warned: By the time you've finished reading this entry, #hipsterscience will be tired.

Via Boing Boing

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