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Association of Health Care Journalists names the best in health reporting

This year's Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism, which recognize the best health reporting in nine categories, were announced today. Among the winners were several stories previously written about on Scope, including:

  • A moving KQED Health Dialogues segment on pediatric hospice (which I still can't listen to without crying)
  • Pablo S. Torre's article in Sports Illustrated on mental health issues facing professional baseball players
  • A "devastating" essay in the New York Times on the last few years of the author's elderly father's life
  • Bloomberg writer Amanda Bennett's personal and thought-provoking account of her husband's cancer and how much it cost to try to save him

I'm confident the other winning pieces are worth a read, also, but you'll have to Google the headlines to find them. (The release, unfortunately, doesn't include links.)

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