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Governors to Congress: Help us fight prescription-drug abuse


We've previously reported on the United States' prescription-drug problem, and today the governors of two particularly hard-hit states urged Congress to step in and help. As reported by the Associated Press:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear told lawmakers that the illegal distribution of prescription drugs has exploded in their states in recent years despite efforts to shut them down and their states needed help.

"This is a national problem that demands national solutions," said Beshear, a Democrat.

A House panel examining prescription drug abuse heard from the governors, law enforcement and family members of addicts intent on slowing down the nation's fastest-growing form of drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse has been elusive because 70 percent of people report getting pain killers from a friend or relative and the drugs are perceived to be safer because they are made by drug companies and dispensed by pharmacies.

Stanford addiction expert Keith Humphreys, PhD, is intimately familar with these problems, which also affect his home state of West Virginia. In January, he testified to the legislature there and outlined ways that officials can fight prescription-drug abuse.

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