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Pediatric surgeon fixes "heart that can’t be fixed"

The FOX affiliate in Portland, Ore. recently reported on a now-11-month-old girl who had a series of life-saving heart surgeries at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. The piece described her doctor, Frank Hanley, MD, as the "surgeon who can fix 'hearts that can’t be fixed:'"

While other doctors gave Kennadee no chance, he saw hope, but described Kennadee as one of the most rare and challenging cases he’s encountered. After she was born at nearly 38 weeks, Dr. Hanley performed three open-heart surgeries.

The second surgery at four months required up to 13 hours in the operating room.

Kennadee completed her third surgery in April, at 10 months, and now appears healthy, happy and is expected to live a normal life.

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