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Social website shown to boost teen girls' body image

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Researchers at Boston's Northeastern University have launched an interactive website, BodiMojo, designed to to promote health and fitness and help teenagers address body image issues. The site was created by health experts and teens, with a goal of building "a community of teenagers that allows youth to connect, motivate, and inspire one another in healthy decision making." More from Daily Dose:

The best part? It actually may work -- at least among girls -- to boost body image. In a new study conducted on 178 male and female high school students from Boston-area high schools, the researchers found that teen girls who were randomly selected to use the website once a week for four weeks during a health class were more likely to experience better feelings about their body than those who were selected to stay in their regular health class. For the boys, though, no body image boost was seen.

"The girls who used the site generally felt better about their bodies," says study author Debra Franko, clinical psychologist at Northeastern. "These weren't enormous effects, but enough to see significant improvement."

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