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The English patient meets the British health-care system… eventually

In all respects excluding its expense, health care in the U.S. has been given a bum rap. (See here, here and here.) I've kvetched about the shortcomings of the Canadian and French health-care systems, as experienced by my own flesh and blood relatives (or theirs).

Now, the latest knock on the British one. (Not that it's the only thumbs-down on British health care.) A snippet:

Katherine Murphy, the director of the Patients Association, said it had heard from people whose hip or knee replacement had been postponed once or twice without them being offered a new date, leaving them in pain and with their independence compromised.

Previously: Forbes: U.S. still most-innovative country in biomedicine, Rand Corp. study says U.S. health care for elderly superior to UK's, U.S. health system's sketchy WHO rating is bogus, says horse's mouth and Rush to judgment regarding the state of U.S. health care?


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