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New Stanford center to address inefficient health care delivery

Stanford is creating the Clinical Excellence Research Center, which aims to train the next generation of health-care innovators to develop new ways to lower the complexity and cost of delivering health care, while simultaneously improving clinical outcomes and the patient experience. This new program will be led by Arnold Milstein, MD, who has joined the School of Medicine after working for two decades on improving health-care value in the private sector and advising the White House and Congress on Medicare policy.

A feature article in this week's Inside Stanford Medicine describes a successful care delivery model that Milstein developed for chronically ill patients at Boeing and discusses why Stanford is focusing on innovation in health care delivery:

Stanford's decision to invest in the science of health-care-value improvement is well-synchronized with looming health-care reforms mandated by the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Central to the new law are carrots and sticks to motivate health-care providers to become more efficient, less fragmented and more accountable. And Stanford - by building CERC research teams of young engineering, management and medical scientists - hopes to become a go-to source for higher-value health-care delivery models.

Photo by Steve Fisch

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