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Rebooting a career in science many times over

Ed Young has an interesting profile of Erez Lieberman Aiden, PhD, on Not Exactly Rocket Science. I found Aiden's wide-ranging approach to science interesting:

...Instead of branching out from a central speciality, Aiden is interested in 'interdisciplinary' problems that cross the boundaries of different disciplines. His approach is nomadic. He moves about, searching for ideas that will pique his curiosity, extend his horizons, and hopefully make a big impact. "I don't view myself as a practitioner of a particular skill or method," he tells me. "I'm constantly looking at what's the most interesting problem that I could possibly work on. I really try to figure out what sort of scientist I need to be in order to solve the problem I'm interested in solving."

Another long read, but worth checking out.

Via PLoS Blogs

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