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TV in a child’s bedroom? "No way," says expert

I love television: My DVR is always working hard, I've got a lengthy list of "must-see" shows, and I always feel a little bummed when my favorites go on summer hiatus. But yet, I'm incredibly careful when it comes to my kids and TV. My husband and I don't settle down with the remote until after our girls are asleep, my two-year-old's exposure is limited to the occasional baseball or football game, and my four-year-old watches just one, 25-minute show (Bubble Guppies is her new favorite) before bed each night. I'm also adament that my girls will not have TVs in their bedroom until - well, perhaps we'll allow it when they come home for the summer during college.

I was happy, though not surprised, to read that Seattle Mama Doc - i.e. pediatrician/blogger Wendy Sue Swanson, MD - and I are on the same page with this TV thing. In a blog entry she summarizes some of the latest research on TV's not-so-great-effects on kids, and she emphatically states that she would never allow a TV in a child’s bedroom:

Plain and simple, I know it’s not good for them and ultimately will only detract from their life. When I talk to families in my practice, I say that TV in the bedroom is just never going to make their life better. It won’t enhance.

Swanson's entry is worth a read, and an added bonus: She's a speaker at the Medicine 2.0 conference being held here in September.

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