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New stem cell podcast from UC Davis researcher

A post today from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine's blog, Research Results, caught my attention with the announcement that noted UC Davis stem cell researcher and CIRM grantee Paul Knoepfler, PhD, has added a podcast feature to his stem cell blog. According to CIRM communications manager Amy Adams:

Several organizations such as CIRM, the Canadian Stem Cell Network and the Australian Stem Cell Centre also have blogs that promote stem cell science and attempt to put recent scientific advances into context. However, to my knowledge Knoepfler is the only stem cell scientist attempting to reach the public online. I look forward to hearing more podcasts from Knoepfler, and wish him much success in providing accurate information about stem cell research at a time when it is so clearly needed.

I haven't listened to it myself yet, but it looks like the first 16-minute-long podcast takes on stem cell tourism in the US (a particular interest of mine), recent goings-on at CIRM and, intriguingly 'stem cell hype on aging'. I'm going to cue it up as soon I can coax my reluctant computer speakers to work again by employing my tried-and-true combination of a reboot plus cursing. If you hurry you can beat me to it.

Photo by Carbon Arc

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