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Should pregnant women use antidepressants?

We've written before about the (growing) use of antidepressants during pregnancy. Today Boston Globe writer Neena Satija tackles the issue, discussing the latest research and highlighting the dilemma facing moms-to-be and their physicians:

What’s an expectant mother to do? How does she make a decision about whether it’s safe to use antidepressants when she’s suffering from a disorder that makes her more anxious to begin with?

“In pregnancy in general, we tend to be afraid of all medicine,’’ said Dr. Lori Wroble, the chief obstetrician for Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. “And I think it’s actually scarier when you don’t have enough studies, because it’s an open-ended question that you’ll always wonder about.’’

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Via White Coat Notes 

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