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Your most important app? Your body and mind

I love this: A Huffington Post columnist is reminding readers that despite all the cool gadgets and gizmos that exist to help us with our health (like the one we just reported on), our most valuable "app" is actually our own body and mind. Soren Gordhamer explains:

While we want the newest and coolest app available in the app store, more people are realizing that taking care of themselves amidst an increasingly-connected life is paramount. Venture investor and Twitter advisor Chris Sacca said it best at the recent Wisdom 2.0 Conference, which I organize: "People are realizing, 'I have optimized my machines, my software ... ' yet we are beginning to realize that no matter how great a technological device we buy or how great our network is, the real source of potential is in ourselves."


It's curious that when we buy the latest iPhone, we often purchase a nice cover for it, make sure it is protected from the elements and keep it in good working condition... We want it to last as long as we can. However, at the same time, we often treat the greater app, our mind and body, with much less care, habitually eating food, from pastries to sugared drinks, that drain our energy and make it more difficult for us to focus on our work.

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