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Helping the uninsured sign up for health insurance

As you may have heard, a new nonprofit group launched yesterday to help get Americans - specifically those who, beginning in 2014, will be eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act - signed up for insurance.  Enroll America, a coalition of 42 companies and organizations, is planning a state-by-state publicity campaign and will launch an effort to help state leaders "put in place procedures to simplify enrollment." (Its website also offers resources for people currently looking for coverage.) Over at Wonkblog, Sarah Kliff tells readers they should keep an eye on the group:

Enroll America is taking on a challenging issue on in a big way.  The majority of uninsured Americans don’t think the health reform law will help them, the most recent Kaiser Family Foundation report found.As the Hill’s Sam Baker smartly pointed out, polling data seems to show Americans forgetting what the reform law does as we move further away from its passage. “Our biggest hurdle is most people don’t even know this is coming,” says Rachel Klein, director of Enroll America. How much a multi-million campaign can change that will be a key factor to  watch in the health law’s success.

Via Kaiser Health News

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