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What's 1,454 feet tall, glows pink and sounds like country music?

This year, breast cancer awareness has a new voice. While commercial recognition of the disease continues with pink Coca-Cola bottles and pink laces on football players' shoes, Grammy Award-winning singer Martina McBride will perform her new single, "I'm Gonna Love You Through It," from atop the Empire State Building as part of the month-long awareness campaign.

The song, based on the experience of a real breast cancer survivor, tells the story of a woman battling breast cancer from her husband's perspective. The song recognizes and honors not only the millions who have been diagnosed, but those who love and support these women throughout their battle against this chronic disease.

The Stanford Women's Cancer Center is sponsoring the New York event. To learn more about the private concert and lighting of the Empire State Building, take a look at the press release we just sent out.

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