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Number of med school applicants at an all-time high

The Association of American Medical Colleges is reporting today that medical school applications reached an all-time high in 2011. There were 32,654 first-time applicants, a 2.6 percent over 2010, and, in an encouraging sign:

The total number of applicants and enrollees from most major racial and ethnic groups increased in 2011. After a slight decrease (0.2 percent) in 2010, Black/African American applicants increased by 4.8 percent while enrollees increased 1.9 percent.  Hispanic/Latino applicants increased by 5.8 percent and enrollees increased 6.1 percent.  

The AAMC also noted that "medicine remains an attractive career choice for both men and women, with... the percentage of male (53 percent) and female (47 percent) enrollees [remaining] steady from last year."

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