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A "kitchen-table" approach to teaching the benefits of exercise

Exercise physiologist Peter Janiszewski, PhD, wrote yesterday for the PLoS blog Obesity Panacea about a fantastic video that my colleague posted here last month. The video comes from the University of Toronto's Mike Evans, MD, an associate professor of family medicine and public health at the university and a staff physician at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. According to Evans' bio:

My interests are in evaluating sustainable interventions that make for more informed health decisions. My target has traditionally been the primary care provider, but now has developed more into targeting the patient in the clinic or at "the kitchen table". Specifically, what is the best way to bring together academic evidence-based information with the common media that people use (TV, news, print, social networks, Dr. Google, email, etc.). I also have a significant interest in shinny hockey, but am still working on a research angle.

I'd say this kitchen-table approach is working: The video has been viewed over a million times and has garnered 13,000 'likes' on YouTube, and its popularity was featured on CBC last week. As for me, I just got around to watching the entire 10 minutes and am now planning to sneak out to the gym - that is, after I start following "Dr. Mike" on Twitter (@docmikeevans).

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