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Can dish color influence how much you eat?

Trying to slim down? It may be time to inspect your dishware. Research published in the Journal of Consumer Research shows the size and color of bowls and plates could influence how much we eat.

In the small study (pdf), researchers treated a group of adults to lunch and examined how participants eating habits were altered by simply changing the color of their plate. Scientific American reports:

Half of those attending a buffet lunch were assigned to a line with only white Alfredo sauce-coated pasta and the other half were ushered to the line with only red marinara-sauce pasta. Folks in each line were randomly given a red or white plate.

Those with plates that matched the color of their food helped themselves to much more than those who had plates of another color.

Study results showed that on average changing the color of the plate so it highly contrasted the food reduced how much volunteers served themselves by 21 percent. Additionally, altering the color of the tablecloth reduced how much serving size by 10 percent, according to a journal release.

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Photo by Teresa Aguilera

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