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Why you should encourage your boss to exercise

Past studies have shown that exercising can reduce anxiety, help in treating depression and boost your mental health in other ways. Now a study (subscription required) recently published in Journal of Business and Psychology shows it could also make the workplace more enjoyable -- that is if it's your boss who's hitting the gym.

Scientific American reports:

Researchers asked 98 MBA students who were also employed full-time to rate how their supervisors treated them, by responding to statements like "[my boss] puts me down in front of others." The researchers also had supervisors fill out a different survey, about their stress levels and weekly exercise. And, as the authors expected, the more stressed-out supervisors were, the more their employees felt belittled by them. But the employees felt better about bosses who exercised, whether it was yoga, cardio or weight lifting. And just one or two days a week did the trick.

Exercise didn't simply melt away the stress--bosses who worked out reported feeling just as much pressure as their sedentary counterparts. Active bosses just spared subordinates the verbal attacks.

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