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A look at the most sleep-deprived and well-rested occupations

A Time Moneyland story today takes a look at the Top 10 occupations that most deprive employees of sleep as well as jobs where workers are considered to be the most well-rested. The list was compiled by Sleepy's mattress store using information gathered in the CDC’s National Health Survey.

While it's interesting to compare the lists of professions that get the most and least amount of shuteye, as writer Brad Tuttle points out the overall difference in snooze time between the two groups is relatively low. He writes:

In all honesty, the study doesn’t show a whole lot of difference between workers in the “most sleep-deprived” and the “most well-rested” categories. The sleep-deprived top ten average between 6 hours, 57 minutes and 7 hours, 8 minutes of sleep per night. Their “well-rested” counterparts, on the other hand, only catch a wee bit more shuteye, averaging between 7 hours, 12 minutes and 7 hours, 20 minutes. Just a few minutes’ sleep separates the categories. Physicians say that adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep nightly, though, so all of these workers are on the low side of the scale.

For those interesting in getting a better night's rest may want to note that Stanford sleep specialist Rafael Pelayo, MD, is taking questions until Feb. 29 about sleep disorders and ways to make sure the upcoming daylight-saving time change doesn’t cut into your snooze time. Questions can be submitted via our @SUMedicine Twitter feed. Details on how to submit your questions can be found here.

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