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Surviving is just half the battle: More on Stanford's new survivorship clinic

For many cancer patients who have beaten their disease, graduating from their oncologists can be a daunting process, as becoming a “survivor” comes with its own set of challenges. As discussed here earlier this month, Stanford is the latest in a small but growing trend of hospitals that have recognized these challenges and established specialized clinical services focused on helping survivors live with the residual physical and psychological effects of diagnosis and treatment. The launch of the gynecological cancer survivorship clinic at the Stanford Women’s Cancer Center was featured this weekend in a San Francisco Chronicle article.

In the piece, Victoria Colliver highlights survivorship programs in the Bay Area and discusses the need for such services:

Dr. David Spiegel, director of Stanford's Center for Integrative Medicine, said it's important for long-term cancer survivors to focus on their overall health - not just their disease.

"Half of all people diagnosed with cancer will live to die of something else," he said. "That means that 'something else' is very important."

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