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Stanford Medicine magazine's best of 2011 now on Amazon

The past year was a great one for Stanford Medicine magazine. That's how it seemed to me, the editor, and our Web analytics confirm my hunch. Our stories were appealing. (One of them, "When are you dead?" garnered 30,000 pageviews in 2011 on our website alone.) So, to make it easy for medical journalism fans everywhere, we've gathered our favorite 11 stories from 2011 in our first eBook anthology, debuting today on Amazon.

What makes the book even sweeter is the foreword by bestselling author and physician extraordinaire Abraham Verghese, MD. (Thank you, Abraham!)

To whet your appetite, we offer an excerpt from his foreword:

What is unique about these stories, both in the way they are told and in their subject matter, is that they are not about scientific advances happening in the ether, but about gains that change the trajectory of a life, sometimes of many lives.

And here's what's inside:

  • "Foreword" by Abraham Verghese, MD, author of bestsellers Cutting for Stone, The Tennis Partner and My Own Country
  • "When are you dead: Resurgent form of organ transplantation raises a new question" by John Sanford
  • "Gender X: The battle over boy or girl" by Dianne Klein
  • "The woman who fell to Earth: A love story" by Ruthann Richter
  • "The unexpected: Cancer during pregnancy" by Erin Digitale
  • "Khmer Rouge on trial: Can serving justice cure PTSD?" by Tracie White
  • "The case of the disappearing liver disease: Uncovering an ordinary antibiotic's secret power" by Erin Digitale
  • "Bioethics at midlife: The dilemmas facing a field in flux" by Susan Ipaktchian
  • "A kid again: After cancer takes its toll" by Erin Digitale
  • "Peddling hope: Unproven stem cell treatments for sale in a country near you" by Krista Conger
  • "Cancer's biographer: A conversation with Siddhartha Mukherjee" with Paul Costello
  • "Make your own cancer diagnostic test: It's easier than you think" by Rosanne Spector

You can pick up a copy for your Kindle here.

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