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Time for teens to stop tanning?

As of January 1, minors in the Golden State are banned from indoor UV tanning. California is the first in the nation to restrict this artificial bronzing process for those 18-years-old and under, and 18 states are now considering a similar ban.

A USA Today story reports on the issue, with writer Tracy Lowe explaining that most states already require parental consent for teens who tan to use indoor UV facilities. But a complete ban for all minors is stronger, and something that many feel is important:

"As parents, we don't provide permission slips to our children to smoke cigarettes or drink liquor," [Maryland State Sen. Jamie] Raskin, a Democrat, said. "As a matter of public health, we should take electronic tanning devices off the table for children."

As it turns out, tanning is also an important issue to Stanford experts. Susan Swetter, MD, professor of dermatology, and colleagues at the Stanford Cancer Institute, for example, have been vocal in their belief that tanning bed usage and other recreational tanning likely has contributed to a dramatic increase in melanoma cases among California girls and women. And melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer.

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