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A match made in heaven? Medical students await their fate

This weekend I'll be stalking my mailman, waiting for a letter informing me which San Francisco public school my daughter has been assigned to. My stomach, I admit, is a bit in knots - but that's probably nothing compared to what most fourth-year medical students, who find out tomorrow where they'll spend their residencies, are feeling today.

Match Day was the topic of a piece on NPR's Talk of the Nation this morning, and Atul Gawande, MD, was one of the physicans who shared his thoughts on the big moment:

...Gawande of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, who also teaches at Harvard Medical School, met his Match Day in 1995. "It's a strange moment," he remembers. "You stand there in a room with all of your fellow medical students, getting handed a white envelope that tells you what city you're going to live in for the next — for me, seven years of my life in surgical training."

Gawande, who attended Harvard Medical School, matched at Brigham and Women's to the great relief of his pregnant wife, who hoped to continue to see her obstetrician in Boston.

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