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Research suggests art lovers may fare better after a stroke

Get thee to a gallery: Art lovers may have an edge on happiness among people who are recovering from a stroke.

A study by researchers at the University Tor Vergata School of Nursing in Rome compared quality of life for stroke survivors who had appreciated art, music, and theater before their injury, and those who didn't. Healthland reports:

Overall, art lovers reported a slew of positive physical and mental health benefits. They had more energy, better general health and improved mobility. They were also happier, less anxious or depressed and had better memory and communication skills.

"Stroke survivors who saw art as an integrated part of their former lifestyle, by expressing appreciation towards music, painting and theater, showed better recovery skills than those who did not," lead author Dr. Ercole Vellone, assistant professor in nursing science at the University Tor Vergata, said in a statement.

The research, presented during the 12th Annual Spring Meeting on Cardiovascular Nursing, in Copenhagen, Denmark, follows other studies on music's effect on the brain in stroke recovery.

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