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The trials of the plastic surgeon

Here's a very funny post from Keith Humphreys, PhD, over on The Reality-Based Community in which he recounts a rather awkward (overheard) dinner conversation:

At the dining table next to mine, the evening got off to a terrible start. The two women were evidently friends, and had each brought a male date. After drinks were ordered, woman #1 asked woman #2's date: "So, what do you do for a living?".

Said date responded: "I'm a plastic surgeon". Woman #1, clearly enraged by the ongoing PIP breast implant scandal, was off and running. He should be ashamed of his chosen profession. He was a parasite on women's insecurities. He was a money-grubbing sexist pig. His entire field was a tool of oppression. And after that, she got critical.

I highly recommend reading the rest.

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