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Stanford's Paul Auerbach writes on treating emergencies mid-adventure

Reading about Wilderness Medicine, the new book from Stanford emergency medicine physician Paul Auerbach, MD, I wondered whether the author ever got ideas for fun outdoor adventures from the patients he sees.

A post today on Health Blog focuses on the new book and selects some of the tips Auerbach includes in the nearly 2,300-page text he penned with other contributing experts. The advice is wide-ranging and specific to each activity and climate - staying above water if your boat capsizes, staying out of the air after deep-water diving, to summarize two.

Although medical professionals are the intended first readers, and the book (also available in i-format) is rich with photos of torn limbs and festering infections, civilian appreciation runs high. Health Blog reports:

[Auerbach's] favorite compliment was from a reader who told him "artistically it is as close to a coffee-table book as exists in medicine," and its interesting information spoke of adventure.

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