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Support for future stem cell scientists

The primary goal of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is to provide funding for stem cell studies at universities and research institutions in the state - but it also aims to support tomorrow's budding scientists. Late yesterday the organization announced its approval of nine high school internship opportunities (including one at Stanford) worth $1.7 million over three years:

The programs each support high school students carrying out stem cell research in California labs for the summer. As a way of fostering creativity, the students are also encouraged to carry out a research project in a second discipline of their choice...

“This program exposes high school students to cutting edge medical research and encourages the kind of creative thinking that leads to groundbreaking discoveries,” said Alan Trounson, CIRM President. “The pilot program last summer demonstrated the demand for stem cell research opportunities among California’s young people. Expanding the program and extending it for three years will inspire more students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue careers in stem cell science and nurtures the creative thinking that will help them be successful.”

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