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Stanford Medicine story on surviving brain injury wins health journalism award

Congrats to my colleague Ruthann Richter, whose Stanford Medicine magazine story "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" has won an Award for Excellence from the Association of Health Care Journalism.

Ruthann's in good company - other winners include writers for the New York Times and Time magazine.

Here's a bit of what the judges had to say about the story:

Ruthann Richter met the subject of her riveting article in 2000 and finally told her remarkable tale more than a decade later. Deborah Shurson fell 2,600 feet to earth in a 1982 skydiving accident and astonished her doctors, friends and loved ones by surviving... There’s no fairy-tale ending here – but a sympathetic and truthful description of the struggles that begin once doctors have exhausted their magic.

As the magazine's editor, I couldn't agree more.

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