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What is coffee?

I've written about the suspected benefits of coffee before, but it's just occurred to me that I've (quite thoughtlessly) never explained what that most magic liquid actually is. Thankfully, The Coffee Brewing Institute was kind enough to explain for me. Watch this mid-century marvel of a video, and you too will know what coffee is. More importantly, you'll also learn how to liberate its flavor "from the closed fist of the bean."

One word of warning: If you're watching with small children present, you may wish to cover their eyes at 11:56 as this video contains a gratuitous handholding scene accompanied by jazz saxophone and two slices of cake.

Lastly, if you'd really like to know how to make good coffee this weekend, I recommend Intelligentsia Coffee's Chemex Brewing Guide. The soundtrack alone is guaranteed to pep you up, let alone the (delicious) Chemex coffee you'll learn to make.

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