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Welcome Image Award winners celebrate striking images across science and medicine

The winners of the 2012 Wellcome Image Awards range from a time-lapse photo of cancer cell undergoing mitosis to a micrograph depicting caffeine crystals. But it was the above image of a colored electron micrograph showing connective tissue removed from a human knee during arthroscopic surgery that caught my eye.

While not as high-profile as your vital organs, connective tissue is your body's "cellular glue," so to speak. The fibrous tissue is critical in maintaining your body's form, providing cohesion and internal support and is associated, and it's associated with more than 200 disorders.

To elevate the status of this basic, yet essential, tissue type, the image's creator selected a variety of colors to distinguish individual fibers of collagen. The result is an intriguing photo that showcases the body's most diverse tissue.

Photo by Anne Weston, London Research Institute
Via New Scientist

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