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CDC releases wedding survival guide

In less than two weeks, a close girlfriend is walking down the aisle. Naturally, her mind is now consumed with wedding-related details: the dress, family drama and potential day-of disasters. What if she forgets her vows? What if she trips on the way to the altar? What if an inebriated guest slips on the dance floor? The list of things to worry about, as those who have already tied the knot know, is endless.

Searching for resources to help her manage wedding-day stress and plan for the unexpected, I was interested to see that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a survival guide for brides and grooms. No details are provided on how to deal with drunk guests - but, in addition to recommending having an emergency kit on hand and keeping a close eye on the forecast, CDC officials do provide tips on being prepared for potentially severe weather:

Make sure you have a plan for contacting guests in the event of an emergency, and keep a list of emergency telephone numbers on hand... It may not be a bad idea to have a “runner” to take care of errands and be the go to person for questions. With out-of-town guests and the whirlwind pace of the big day, a designated point person for emergencies will alleviate panic and frustration if an emergency comes up. Make sure all of the guests are aware of who they can call if there is an emergency. It’s actually a good idea to have emergency contacts in any situation.

If a tornado warning rips through the area, would you know what to do? 200 guests are not going to be able to crowd into the one windowless bathroom. Ask the reception venue for their emergency plans and evacuation routes.

For those of you with an upcoming wedding: Perhaps it's time for a last-minute update to the wedding website or a late addition to guest welcome bags providing instructions on who to contact or what to do in the event of an emergency.

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