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An introduction to Lloyd Minor, Stanford medical school’s new dean

We announced last week that Johns Hopkins University Provost Lloyd Minor would be the next dean of Stanford's medical school. Today, my colleague Susan Ipaktchian profiles Minor, who assumes his new role on Dec. 1, and discusses some of his plans:

In contemplating the new job, Minor said he focused on the current health-care environment and the role that institutions like Stanford will play in seeking solutions. "I'd like to see academic medical centers transform into academic health centers — and that's not just a difference in terms," he said. "Right now, academic medical centers drive the advances that lead to improvements in the treatment of disease, and those are incredibly important. But now we have a truly unique opportunity to drive prevention and pre-emption in new ways, and academic centers have not really explored this as thoroughly as it could be."


And Minor said he is heartened that the ambitious fundraising campaigns under way at the medical center are aimed at transforming health care, locally and globally. "As dean, I am committed to working with university and hospital leaders to share our vision for how philanthropic individuals, corporations and foundations can help us achieve our vision for the future," he said. He added that the nation's health-care reform law can also be a catalyst for Stanford and other academic medical centers to focus more intently on reducing the costs of delivering care while also finding better methods for dealing with societal issues, such as nutrition, that directly affect personal health.

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Photo by Keith Weller/Johns Hopkins University

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