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Whiz Kids: Creating an iBook about the heart

In earlier Scope posts, I've shown off projects from the the Clinical Anatomy Research Scholars (CARS) program at Stanford. CARS allowed 15 interns to come campus this summer to do research alongside faculty in a variety of fields, including medicine, surgical simulation, robots, and biomedical visualization. Those students also made their own video presentations describing the work and entered them in NPR's "What's Your Big Idea?" video contest.

In this video, Gunn High School student Nikki Murthy talks about the iBook she created about the heart. The book covers the vascular system, basic heart anatomy, heart diseases and more. Murthy and her collaborators also used 3D bioimaging to enrich the book. It's an impressive feat - and it's even more so when you realize Murthy is just 17 years old!

The CARS program is based in the Division of Clinical Anatomy and is directed by W. Paul Brown, DDS.

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