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Grand Roundup: Top posts for the week of Sept. 9

The five most-read stories on Scope this week were:

Stanford study on the health benefits of organic food: What people are saying: A collection of reactions from journalists and sources featured in various articles in response to the Stanford researchers’ new study on the health benefits of organic foods.

New arterial insights portend potential treatments for life-threatening diseasesMark Krasnow, PhD, chair of the biochemistry department at Stanford, and colleagues have captured important details of how arterial walls are generated. In a study published in Developmental Cell, the researchers showed that the pulmonary artery wall, and probably many if not all other types of artery walls, is built up from the inside out, layer by layer.

TED fellow uses crowdsource approach to treat his brain cancer: This week, TED Fellow Salvatore Iaconesi released today his digital medical records – everything from CT and MRI scans to lab notes. He posted the health files to invite the online world to participate in the process of treating his brain cancer.

Image of the Week: Pages from a medical illustrator’s sketchbook: A human heart takes shape in the pages of medical illustrator Sayaka Isowa’s sketchbook.

Finding hope for rare pediatric brain tumor: In a story in the San Jose Mercury News, reporter Sandy Kleffman looks at a family who donated their daughter’s cancerous tissue to Stanford in hopes that it will help researchers develop drugs and therapies.

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