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Stanford Medicine magazine's big reads of 2012

A list for lovers of medical writing and things Stanford: The 10 most popular Stanford Medicine magazine stories published in 2012 (as determined by pageviews on our website).

  1. Positive charge – New technology to treat depression – by Ruthann Richter
  2. Against the odds – A band of rebels fights to save health care – by Kris Newby
  3. Neuroscience of need - Understanding the addicted mind – by Bruce Goldman
  4. Transition point – The unmet medical needs of transgender people – by Tracie White
  5. Big data – What it means for health and the future of medical research – by Krista Conger
  6. Statistically significant – Biostatistics is blooming – by Kristin Sainani
  7. Brain power – Psychiatry turns to neuroscience – by Jonathan Rabinovitz
  8. King of the mountain – Digging data for a healthier world – by Bruce Goldman
  9. Cancer roundhouse – Evidence mounts that a single antibody could knock out many cancers – by Chris Vaughan
  10. Autism answers – Parents run experiments to see what works – by Erin Digitale

And, as a bonus, a story (from Ruthann Richter) on cancer screenings that really resonated with readers.

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