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Supporting medical students’ mental, emotional health

An article in the current issue of AAMC Reporter offers a look at medical schools' efforts to de-stress and provide support for their (often very stressed) students. Some schools have made adjustments to their curricula or developed wellness programs, Rebecca Goldberg writes, and:

Another approach to supporting students’ mental health involves building a sense of community through participation in extracurricular activities. At Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, the student-run Wellness Committee divides first-year students into colleges that train and compete each year in The College Cup. The event features athletic and nonathletic events, including 5K runs, trivia challenges, and cooking competitions.

“It’s perfectly okay to come here and study hard and do as well as you can, but it’s also okay to take care of yourself,” said Scott Rodgers, M.D., associate dean of student affairs at Vanderbilt. “You don’t want to lose your humanity by becoming a doctor. Students should participate in activities outside of medicine, maintain personal connections, and make their own physical health a priority.”

While medical school should be challenging, it also can be fun, Rodgers added...

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