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Stanford Hospital & Clinics introduces month-long heart health challenge

All of us are challenged in one way or another to stay healthy. But making smart choices doesn't have to be difficult and, in fact, can be fun. That's what Stanford Hospital & Clinics had in mind when it launched a month-long heart health challenge.

The 28-Day Heart Health Challenge focuses on simple changes people can make to their diets and exercise routines that can have a big impact on their heart health. Each day of the week features a different theme with a related challenge. For example, on Stress-less Saturdays you will be reminded of how detrimental chronic stress can be to heart health and be challenged to give meditation or yoga a try. On Meet A Doctor Monday you'll be introduced to a Stanford physician who will describe what he or she does to keep the heart healthy and then be challenged to try out a similar strategy.

Robyn Horn, a Stanford Hospital employee and Scope contributor, has committed to take on the challenge full force, and she wants to share her experiences with the world. Every day this month, Robyn will try that day's challenge and write about it in her Heart Health Challenge Blog.

And while the challenge may only be 28 days long, the hope is that after February is long gone, at least some of the information will stick and people like Robyn will continue making heart healthy choices for years to come.

So - are you up for the challenge?

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