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Image of the Week: Glass sculpture of an HIV virus

Artist Luke Jerram has created a remarkable collection of glass sculptures depicting some of the most notorious microbes. This image illustrates the HIV virus and, as noted on Jerram's website, was made as an object "to hold, to contemplate the impact of the disease upon humanity."

One HIV-positive patient who viewed a photo of the sculpture at an exhibit in 2009 wrote to Jerram saying:

I just saw a photo of your glass sculpture of HIV. I can’t stop looking at it. Knowing that millions of those guys are in me, and will be a part of me for the rest of my life. Your sculpture, even as a photo, has made HIV much more real for me than any photo or illustration I’ve ever seen. It’s a very odd feeling seeing my enemy, and the eventual likely cause of my death, and finding it so beautiful. Thank you.

Jerram's glass microbiology sculptures are currently on display at New York City's Museum of Art and Design.

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Via Fast Company
Photo by Luke Jerram

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