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A closer look at Stanford medical school's new dean

It's been several months since Lloyd Minor, MD, took helm of Stanford's medical school, and a new video and Inside Stanford Medicine article provide a detailed look at our new leader. The pieces outline his successful career at Johns Hopkins University and discuss his pioneering research in otolaryngology ("It's widely acknowledged that his work changed the field," Robert Jackler, MD, commented), and they offer a glimpse into his home life and share how his childhood experiences "shaped his outlook and values." They also highlight his vision for the school and describe how, as explained by Lucy Shapiro, PhD, he's perfectly poised to lead the school:

He has had an incredible career as a physician, as a basic scientist and as an educator, serving as provost at a very great university, Johns Hopkins University, so that he has the experience of dealing with people from many parts of our campus.


One of the most exciting and important things that has happened at Stanford over the last... 15 years is the emergence of interdisciplinary work. Dr. Minor comes in at a time when he's ideally suited to deal with the flowering of this new way of working in science and in medicine.

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