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Live tweeting Big Data in Biomedicine conference

This afternoon, leading figures from academia, industry, government and philanthropic foundations will gather at the Big Data in Biomedicine conference at Stanford to explore the vast opportunities for mining the growing volume of public health data and develop new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

The event runs today through Friday and features 32 speakers representing large information-technology corporations, startups, venture-capital firms and the research community. As a reminder, those unable to attend in person can tune in to the live webcast and submit questions for panelists by visiting the conference website.

Additionally, we'll be live tweeting the conference keynote speeches by Anne Wojcicki, CEO and co-founder of personal-genetics company 23andMe (which starts around 1 PM Pacific time today) and David Ewing Duncan, author of Experimental Man, as well as other proceedings from the conference. You can follow the tweets on the @SUMedicine feed or by using the hashtag #bigdatamed.

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