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Image of the Week: The Experimental Man at Big Data in Biomedicine

At this week's Big Data in Biomedicine conference, David Ewing Duncan, author of Experimental Man, delivered a keynote speech titled "You as Data: Can Big Data Predict Your Future Health?"

Using himself as a guinea pig to explore the new age of personalized health, Duncan has collected close to 30,000 genetic traits about himself through numerous medical tests and scans and noted, "If everyone on the planet had this much data collected, you’d be in something called yottabytes"

In his talk, Duncan revealed what he's learned from this tremendous reservoir of personal health data and discussed promising biomedical technologies and research that may boost longevity and lead to radical life extension. He urged attendees to contemplate how long they wanted to live - giving them the choice of 80 years, 120 years, 150 years or forever -and the implications of living that long.

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Photo by Saul Bromberger

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